About Week 6 Robotics

As a non-profit, our primary mission is to promote involvement in STEM activities and encourage people to enter into STEM fields. There are many avenues that use to achieve our purpose. We support local robotics teams, we volunteer at robotics competitions throughout Texas, we run and participate in Robots Done Quick where we teach High School students how to go through the engineering process and develop solutions, we run a competitive robotics event where we encourage students to develop strategic approaches and think outside of the box, and we donate resources to collegiate level robotics teams.

Robots Done Quick

Robots Done Quick is a program inspired by Ri3D. The challenge consists of an abbreviated build season where we develop concepts to help inspire students participating in the FIRST Robotics Competition.

Mentors. Volunteers. Alumni. All of our teams are composed of dedicated members to the FIRST community and are excited to help expand STEM education efforts.

Week -6 Event

The Week Negative Six Event is a showcase of ideas where participants display their efforts in an attempt to provide a basic level of insight into how the new FRC game might be played.

We demonstrate potentially viable strategies and help provide sense of scale for what a full field can look like.

We hope to bring to light as many game insights as possible that would otherwise not be realized until after the build season.

Community Outreach

We are proud of our members at Week 6 Robotics for their continued efforts to promote local robotics programs.

Our members donate their time as FIRST volunteers, dedicate themselves as active members in robotics alumni organizations, and work hard to promote a sense of community across the state of Texas.